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Teacher, translator and author

Henry C. Quinson was born on March 8 1961 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, near Paris, France. French by his mother and American by his father, he first lived in New-York, Bruxelles and Paris. After graduating at Université Panthéon-Sorbonne (with a major in International Economics) and Sciences Po Paris (specializing in Politics, Economics and Social Sciences) he was manager at the International Markets Trading Department at Banque Indosuez (then Compagnie financière de Suez's investment bank) where he received financial training in London and at Wall Street. He taught foreign exchange techniques at the Universities of Aix-en-Provence and Bordeaux as well as at the Institut d'études politiques de Paris.
In 1989 he joined the monastary of Tamié, Savoy (France), where he completed his noviciate and then started his studies in Theology with the Catholic University of Strasbourg. In 1996, he chose to live in an inner city area of Marseille (France) among poor immigrant families where he stayed till 2010 when the neighborhood was rehabilitated.
Bilingual, certified teacher in English and French literature, Henry Quinson teaches in Marseilles. He also is a free-lance translator - John Kiser's Passion pour l'Algérie, les moines de Tibhirine (Nouvelle Cité, March 2006) was awarded the Prix des libraires Siloë 2006). Henry Quinson is an adviser and lecturer on questions related to Theology of Religions, especially Islam, as well as immigration in urban areas. His thoughts have been published by Nouvelle Cité (Prier 15 jours avec Christophe Lebreton, February 2007) ; Moine des cités, March 2008, more than 50000 copies sold) and in quarterlies and magazines such as Commentaire, Communio and Oasis. He has also been invited to talk on all major French radios and televisons.


With Lambert Wilson in Marocco


In 2009-2010, he was Xavier Beauvois' monastic advisor on Of Gods and Men, the French box office hit about the monks of Tibhirine, which won the Grand Prix at the 2010 Cannes Festival and Best Foreign Film Award with the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures in New York.

Henry Quinson's latest book, Secret des hommes, secret des dieux (Presses de la Renaissance, March 2011), prefaced by Xavier Beauvois, recounts the extraordinary human and spiritual adventure that moved more than 3.2 million viewers in France.

In January 2011, the monthly magazine Challenges ranks Henry Quinson among the five most influential Fench Catholics in view of the success of his books, meetings and his involvment in the movie Of Gods and Men : "Henry Quinson has contributed to make Catholics feel less inadequate" (Marc Baudrier, "Les nouveaux réseaux catholiques", Challenges n°241, 27 janvier 2011, p. 54).